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The Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTG cranes) are busy all around the world, anywhere large shipping containers need to be stored, stacked or transported.

Global Economy

Along with an increasingly global economy has come an increasing standardization among countries in the size, shape and capacity of the huge containers that are used to move goods and supplies. This uniformity translates into economies of size and space, since like-sized containers can be stacked higher and more closely together. Thus, container ports with limited square footage are able to maximize the use of cubic footage. This also means that container ports must have nimble mobile lifting systems that are capable of multiple functions. Hence, the RTG crane. Shipping containers are moved constantly, from freighters to container ports and from container ports to trucks and trains and other ships. This intermodal transport, whereby the goods are moved by-the-container, without any unloading or re-packing en-route, has become the norm for shipping goods over long distances.

Strength, Agility, Economy

The RTG crane is a marvelous example of how a machine can multiply human productivity. Modern intermodal containers, most constructed of metal, can have a tare, or empty, weight of up to 67,000 lbs., and a fully loaded container can weigh-in at more than 100,000 lbs.! Without specialized lifting gear, of the type manufactured by OMG, the large-container concept would have never, literally, gotten off the ground. The strength and agility of the RTG crane is plain to see just by observation, but the key to economic feasibility is harder to detect, since many of the RTG crane's functions are governed by computers and GPS controls. Precision timing and placement move cargo efficiently and safely, and ports that have state-of-the-industry heavy equipment and well-trained personnel are leaving the competition behind. OMG-manufactured cranes are among the finest on the market, with a well-deserved reputation for technological advances and superior construction.

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